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 Why A 12 Step Group for More Than Alcoholism?

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Why A 12 Step Group for More Than Alcoholism? Empty
PostSubject: Why A 12 Step Group for More Than Alcoholism?   Why A 12 Step Group for More Than Alcoholism? Icon_minitimeWed Oct 13, 2010 2:41 pm

Why Not?

There are currently over 200 12 step groups in the world. Many of us today have multiple addictions, and many of us find it difficult if not impossible to take each addiction to a meeting designed specifically for that addiction. Time constraints, indifference, separation from being able to share our whole story. Whatever the reasons, and I am sure they exceed what I have listed. Many find it nice to have a place where they are joined by recovery after the addiction.

For most of us, putting the plug in the jug, the chemistry sets, or the relationships away is just the first step. We all have the remaining 11 steps in common.

So with that said, I want to keep the reason why simple just as I want to keep this group simple.

If you feel the twain should not meet then please know that I tend to take no hostages.

Welcome everyone who wants what we have.
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Why A 12 Step Group for More Than Alcoholism?
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